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Smiles by Design

There are many options available to us in dentistry that were unthinkable just a decade ago. We can rehabilitate cases that were once destined for a life of dealing with the removable denture for replacing lost teeth. And for those who made other choices for tooth replacement such as the bridge, which was a much better choice for tooth replacement, but destroyed the healthy adjacent teeth to achieve the desired result. The best choice for minimal destruction of other healthy teeth is the dental implant and single porcelain crown on top of it. Our patients are much happier to return to their daily lives and not give a second thought to the fact that they lost anything. For those of you who were just never really happy with the color and or even the shape of your teeth we have porcelain veneers that are so life like you will forget you have them. That is of course until you smile to reveal your beaming smile. Ask any of our doctors if you are are a candidate for a smile make over, or as we call it "smile design".

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