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Periodontal Maintenance cleaning is a deeper cleaning which is performed when the bone that supports the teeth has dissolved leaving the root exposed.  The cleanings are needed more often to “maintain” the bone level and slow the disease progress. Our goal is to prevent this condition from progressing in our patients, by maintaining the teeth and bone.


Periodontitis refers to an inflammatory disease affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth.  Periodontitis involves progressive loss of the bone around the teeth, and if left untreated, can lead to the loosening and subsequent loss of teeth.  Periodontitis is caused by bacteria that adhere to and grow on the tooth's surfaces, along with an overly aggressive immune response against these bacteria.
A diagnosis of periodontitis is established by probing the soft gum tissues around the teeth and radiographs, to determine the amount of bone loss around the teeth.

Root Planning is an even deeper cleaning that may be necessary if the condition is left untreated; or it will lead to ultimate tooth loss. The root planning cleaning may be necessary to remove the bacteria and slow the disease progress to prevent the need for periodontal surgery.

Chronic periodontitis results in inflammation within the supporting tissues of the teeth, progressive attachment and bone loss. This is the most frequently occurring form of periodontitis and is characterized by pocket formation and/or recession of the gingiva. It is prevalent in adults, but can occur at any age. Progression of attachment loss usually occurs slowly, but periods of rapid progression can occur. back to procedures offered page